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Alzheimers Disease

Symptoms of Alzheimers include gradual loss of memory, reason, language and the ability to care for oneself, which includes mouth care. Because Alzheimerrs disrupts brain function, patients in the early stages of the disease will require some assistance with daily oral care, later requiring total care as the disease advances.


  • Upon diagnosis, schedule a dental exam and complete all recommended treatment before the disease progresses.
  • Once the mouth is stabilized, maintain regular, periodic dental cleanings with a professional hygienist.
  • Schedule shorter, more frequent, on-site dental appointments.
  • Consult with your dentist regarding sedation for some dental procedures.
  • Brush teeth twice a day.
  • Check the mouth for sores or white patches; if found, a dental exam is indicated.
  • Use reminders and some supervision of a daily oral health routine to ensure properly cleaned teeth.


  • Remove dentures during rest periods; soak dentures in water overnight with a cleansing tablet.
  • Every time dentures are removed, clean and brush them with a denture brush.
  • Dentures should always be labeled with the residentts name; your dentist can help.
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